Monday, 21 October 2013

Did Ya Miss Me?

It feels like it has been a long time since I've written any posts, well, it probably has been. Today is day 86 post transplant. The weeks seem to blur all together, but a few things have happened in that time. I moved house again, shortly after my last post and I'm settling in very well. 

Healthwise, things are progressing nicely, my blood results have generally been fine, although still struggling with the drinking two litres rule. However, I have had a few niggling issues. I've got a bit of a viral infection at the moment, nothing too serious as it does not need to be treated. Unfortunately, it has completely wiped me out; hence my lack of blog posts. Nothing too dramatic, just an ear infection accompanied by complete and utter exhausting; but generally, the symptoms are getting better although some days are better than others. Annoyingly, this has made the headaches worse, but they are currently under control at the moment. 

Inconveniently, my joints have decided to test my patience; left shoulder, right knee, I'm talking to you! They are very painful which is making mobility an issue, plus my left elbow is attempting to join the band  wagon. I must say, for those who cope with joint pain on a day to day basis; I take my hat off to you, you are a picture of endurance. To add to my list, I am getting skin pain over the back of my shoulders, back of my arms and palm of my hands. There is no rash to be seen, but I think I'm experience either neuropathic pain, similar to the episode a few months ago, or it is a mild form of Graft Versus Host Disease. The last minor inconvenience I'm experiencing, is an inability to control my radiating body temperature. I think I may be experiencing hot flushes but I'm not sure its severe enough to be classified as that; plus, it isn't apparent to other people because I don't turn red so its difficult to asses. Most of these symptoms which I've described haven't been reviewed by the doctor as of yet, however, after a despairing look from my pharmacist friend, I shall endeavour to tell them about it tomorrow.

I've just read the last paragraph back to myself and I've realised that it is quite a long list of ailments, but really, its not so bad; it would take quite a lot more than that to knock me off my perch. Pain is relative; I guess that's one of the silver lining blessings from this whole debacle, the smaller things don't bother me as much. But then again, the down side to that is that I'm less likely to tell the docs about them because I don't perceive them to be much of a problem.

So yeh, generally i'm in good spirits. As usual, the hospital visits are tiering but hopefully the frequency of them will reduce soon.

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