Sunday, 2 June 2013

In Loving Memory

This entry is dedicated to Aaron and all those who love him. May your soul rest in peace.

Dear Aaron,

Even though my words will disappear into the ether, I write them in memory of you. I did not know you well, I have only spoken to you a couple of times on the ward, but I want you to know that you were in my thoughts and prayers. When you came into hospital a little while ago, I guess you knew that you wouldn't be coming back out. I don't know what it is like to know that your time is running out rapidly; to have your life taken by cancer so young. I don't know how you coped or how you felt, but I prayed that you find peace, I hope that came true. It is clear that you are loved dearly and you will be missed sorely. The pain that those closest to you are going through is unimaginable but I hope that they can find comfort in knowing that you are no longer suffering. May all those who read this letter to you keep your loved ones in their thoughts and prayers.

We miss you but maybe we shall meet again.

All My Love,

Your Comrade In The Fight Against Cancer

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