Saturday, 2 November 2013


Today is day 101 post transplant, and I feel very far from celebrating. I have had a really rough couple of days with high fevers. The antibiotics that I'm on have improved/almost cleared the tonsillitis infection but it still isn't touching temperature. What's more, now that I am no longer delerious and hallucinating, once again, I am finding holes in the very basics of my treatment. I feel very rough, but at least I haven't vomitted. Given my (controlled) eruption last and today, I find that are actually listening to me and not treating me based on body systems but as a hole. It would seem that this stint in hospital has not been as plain sailing as I had initially naively assumed it would be. Will keep you posted when I can.   


  1. Stari you do not know me but I have read all your blogs from the beginning. You have such strength it amazes me. I know you will say that comes from God because that is your way, You can say that God tests us all for that is why we have our existence but I believe every person has their own unique spark of human spirit to recognise and to respond to what their life may bring.. In the game of cricket, if you know it? It does not matter for how long you bat it is how many you score whilst you are batting. I always feel life is like that and you have a wonderful score against a very ferocious bowler.
    If the love of God can be expressed in any way on this earth then it can only surely come through the love of others and you my dear Stari have my love and I’m sure all the love of others who read this blog or are fortunate enough to know you directly. You have shown us your spirit and it is an example to us all.
    Gerald X


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