Monday, 19 August 2013

So Long My Friend

It never gets easier. No matter how many times you see it, it just never gets easier. People say death is just a natural part of life. I would beg to differ, death happens but it's not natural. It wasn't su[[osed to be this way. If so, we wouldn't cling onto life with such ferocity, nor would we be finding ways to keep ourselves alive for longer. Death is a horrific process to go through. Slowly but surely, your body stops functioning until you can no longer speak, eat or drink and you are just skin and bones; a world away from how you know yourself to be. I do not believe we were born so that we would die. If so, there is no point in life. I believe that we were born to live. I believe we were born to live for a purpose. I do not accept death as the final destination nor do I accept life to be pointless.

My friend Mike, who I met up on ward 94, died on Friday morning. I couldn't believe it when I first heard that he wasn't going to make it; I saw him the week before and I would never has seen this coming. It was a shock to everyone. Mike was everybody's friend; he was gentle, kind hearted and always made you laugh. I remember fondly the times we would chat and knit together - well I knitted and he did one or the other as he couldn't multitask. You will be greatly missed. But someday, I hope to meet you again in paradise.

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