Monday, 20 May 2013

Chapter Three

Or maybe I should entitle this post "Chemo On The Rocks". Can't quite decide. The start of this cycle brought me crashing down to earth from my happy cloud of denial with a snap crackle and pop. Allow me to explain. I came back into to hospital, after a wonderful two and a half week break, on Thursday 16th May. I had my Hickman line put in that day, and I have to say that out of all the line procedures I've had done, that one was definitely, pardon the pun if you will, a cut above the rest. But the success of that was to be short lived. I started chemotherapy the next day, fully expecting it to go smoothly, without properly preparing myself for what was to come. In my mind, I was still in holiday mode. Alas! The sound of shattered dreams was all that remained. I had a reaction to the chemotherapy which was similar to the encephalitis I had back in cycle one. The symptoms were more or less the same although the intensity was thankfully significantly less. Needless to say I was quite ill and not a happy bunny. On top of that, they are also treating me for an infection. They are not entirely sure what it is, or if indeed I do have one, but my body seems to be responding to the treatment. I've had some time to recover, so I'm more of a happy bunny but still not a bouncy one.

I haven't had another dose of chemotherapy since Friday, but they have decided to restart the whole regime  again tomorrow at a lower dose. I really hope my body can tolerate it this time; if not me and the docs will be having some words! As always, will keep you posted!

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