Monday, 10 June 2013

End of Chapter Three

At long last, the end has arrived; I get to leave hospital tomorrow for about five weeks. It is a strange feeling, I am so relieved at being able to leave, but at the same time there is a part of me that is scared about being back on the outside. It is a completely different life in the real world and it will take me time again to find my feet and adapt. As I am back and forth between hospital and the outside frequently, I find adapting to these environments quite exhausting and emotionally draining. I always tend to overestimate my energy levels when I'm on the outside, maybe this time I will get it right, well, at least for some of the time. So it is a bit of a rollercoaster, but still, I am absolutely elated that I'm getting out of here.  

So what's next? Well, I had this amazing idea, that since I have a good while off, I would go on holiday out of the country. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do in my head. But my plan was foiled when I was told that I would still have to come into hospital once a week for bloods. Grr. Plus, I will probably have a few clinic appointments dotted about to make sure everything is ok, and to make sure I hadn't been "irresponsible" and done something like leaving the country I suppose. I'm sure there's a conspiracy to keep me to keep me on a leash. When my five weeks are up, I will be back into hospital for the dreaded bone marrow transplant. It has been provisionally been booked for the 17th July but things can change. They have a potential match for me, but nothing will be definite until the very last moment.

That's all folks, signing out!

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