Friday, 19 July 2013

Chapter Four

In some ways, this chapter is the beginning of the end. The last seven months, retrospectively, feel like a blur, it feels like I was watching somebody elses life. It has been a hard transition, coming back here that is, especially since I've had such a long time on the outside. But, after a turmoilous week, I feel as ready as I can be. The room I'm in is nice by hospital standards, but I do miss the creature comforts of the young adults ward upstairs. That said, one of the nurses that was on the ward upstairs is working on here temporarily so at least I know her and have her to talk to. I've unpacked and settled in, and as you can see, my internet is working! That is an answer to prayer and a huge relief.

I've only been on the ward for two hours and have already been AWOL. But in my defence, it was only a quick sprint off the ward and as from tomorrow, I promise to try to be on my best behaviour. Tomorrow is the start of the chemotherapy regime. Initially, I thought I would be having chemotherapy for only some of the days, but as it happens, I will behaving it every day for the next week, which is slightly unfortunate. But I accept that it needs to happen. I'm not looking forward to the weeks ahead, but I know that He will get me through it.

Watch this space. 


  1. May the Lord see you through!

  2. Strong Girl! You can do this


  3. Hi Stari,

    Your Dad sent me a link to your blog. What a tough time you are having! Everyone here at Fraser & Mulligan is wishing you well and I hope your treatment will have a successful conclusion soon - you really do deserve a break!

    Kindest regards,
    Kathleen (Seager)


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