Friday, 26 July 2013

The Event - Part One

Today is the day - it is the day of the bone marrow transplant. This is what the last seven months have been leading up to; this is the hopefully the miracle cure we've all been waiting for. It is due to happen in the next thirty minutes. How am I feeling? I don't know really. I don't feel scared nor do I feel excited, maybe a little indifferent. The week leading up to this has been tough. I really struggled to settle in and I think I was in a bit of denial about the fact that I was a patient again. Physically, the chemotherapy and the radiotherapy weren't that bad - I haven't thrown up yet which is always a good indicator of health. But I've had a wee wander off the ward, back up to the friendly face of ward 94, over the last couple of days and it has done me the world of good. But this is it now. There is no more galavanting allowed and now I am truly restricted to my room. Anyway, I'm signing out for now but stay tuned for The Event - Part Two.

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